The Importance of Working Together in Groups and Teams Essay

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The Importance of Working Together in Groups and Teams

Realizing that a group can become a high performance team is important. Accomplishing this goal is invaluable, advantageous and profitable. Once able to operate from a group to the high performing team is a great step into preparation into the big business world. Leaders and members must also realize not only how to accomplish this but that some problems will and can arise from different demographic characteristics and cultural diversity. That is if one is in such a group, which the probability would be quite high.

It is important that members of a group be knowledgeable and skillful in their positions, the degree to which those members can work harmoniously and cooperatively …show more content…

Diversity in culture and demographic characteristics can be a negative impact or be one of the team's greatest strengths, depending on how the team as a whole functions and applies these different “routes to success”. A group can become a high performing team by understanding how cultural and demographic differences influence group behavior. The groups must realize that they can benefit from their diversity to their advantage and into a high performance team.

“When differences are regarded as valued resources, as in a truly inclusive environment, individual and group differences no longer need to be suppressed… An inclusive organization culture enables contributions from a broader range of styles, perspectives and skills, providing a greater range of available routes to success.”
Miller, 1998

Once people can mesh well into a great high-performance team, they will fit right into the business world. As today's extremely competitive and ever changing, business world is not meant for the slow growing or for the unprepared. It is now the goal of every organization to create a high performance organization. The high performance business is the one that can create a balance between performance, quality, customer relations and profitability. High performance organizations need high performance team savvy employees. Why is this? It is because; high

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