Defense Mechanism Of Reaction Formation In Jona's '

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Furthermore Jessica uses a defense mechanism labeled reaction formation during the time that she is trying her best to cope with the new obstacles she must face. The psychological definition of reaction formation is asserting opposite from the truth. The protagonist claims that she feels splendid, upbeat and acts as if nothing is wrong, however, in reality she is struggling with major depression and thoughts of worthlessness. The teen feels this as a result that she believes running is something that she may never be able to experience again ever in her life. Analyzing her situation, the central character overcomes this problem by getting a custom fit prosthetic leg made extraordinarily for running that her track coach raised money for. While surpassing her reaction formation phase, Jessica overcomes this problem due to she…show more content…
As her ability to run escapes, depression creeps in and takes the place of happiness. Ecstatic behavior returns as Jessica relearns how to run once again. Finally we begin to see her become more joyful and ecstatic as her life of running starts back up. However, her best friend, Fiona, asks if she is feeling alright and picks Jessica's brain wanting to see when she is going to make a reappearance at school. Ignoring Fiona’s question about school, Jessica lies and says that everything is fine. “I have a killer headache. I really need to get home” says Jessica as she is misleading her best friend Fiona (Draanen 168). Inside Jessica is extremely disconsolate about the situation that is happening in her life. Thereafter Fiona cross-examines why her friend has yet to return to school, Fiona encourages Jessica to attend school once again. Eventually, Jessica starts to feel normal once again as she herself starts to accept her leg and all of the things that makes Jessica
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