Defensive Personality Studied through Personality Psychology Trait Theories

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A person with a defensive personality may feel as though they are being attacked and to cope with it they need to defend their choice of words and actions when they are dealing with other individuals. My younger sister, Carlee, has a defensive personality. We have the same mother, but different fathers. This caused us to be raised in different situations. She has moved around a lot, going from my dad’s house, to our mom’s house, and to her dad’s house. She did not have a set place where she could call her “home”. Generally, Carlee is a good kid and listens, and does not argue too much. However, as siblings usually do, there are quarrels between us. She will get overly defensive and extremely furious very easily. She overreacts to …show more content…

A lack of encouragement and support will inevitably lead to feelings of inferiority. Since she did not receive this encouragement, this could be what causes her to defend herself so vigorously to others. Erickson might say that the lack of encouragement Carlee received when she was younger has caused her to not believe in herself so much, so she feels that she has to defend herself to people when they tell her something. However, Lawrence Kohlberg, a psychologist known for his theory of stages of moral development, might say that the reason for her behavior is that she was trying to gain the attention of her mother and father. Growing up, there was conflict and unsure times between her mom and her dad. This lead to the times where Carlee was fighting for attention and it was coming out in a way that maybe was not welcomed by others. The stage that focuses on situations like this is the conventional level stage. This stage states that, children begin to understand what is expected of them by their parents, teacher, etc. Morality is seen as achieving these expectations ( ). Fulfilling obligations as well as following expectations are seen as moral law for children in this stage. She saw her mom and dad fighting and arguing all the time, so she thought that she was supposed to act the same way. This has caused her to gain the trait of being overly

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