Defining Accreditation

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Accreditation is defined as a verification system in which correctional agencies must comply with under the American Correctional Association. Privatization brings about competition between prisons and jails in the community. As a result, prisons and jails are encouraged to make improvements as deemed necessary. In addition to affecting prisons and jails, accreditation and privatization also has an effect on the professional development of corrections officers. In recent years, the correctional administration has become quite familiar with accreditation and professionalization. For example, the correctional administration is familiar with professionalization because there are many people residing in the United States whom work within the field of corrections. These job titles include but are not limited to probation officers, parole officers, and police officers. It is very imperative for parole and probation officers to remain professional when dealing with their clients. Also, correctional officers must remain professional when working with their clients. The only difference is the degree of professionalism between parole/probation officers and correctional officers. In order for an individual to become either a probation or parole officer, he or she must obtain a college degree. He or she must also have a clean record with no criminal activity. After these requirements are met, the individual must pass the civil service test in order to receive eligibility of becoming a
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