Defining Culture : A Challenging Task For Academics

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Defining culture appears to be a challenging task for academics, this is why there are possibly more than 150 definitions of culture and it is difficult to actually find a universally accepted definition because the word holds different meanings to different people and as a consequence it is open to many interpretations. Even if academics find it hard to define, it is possible to see that different statements have some common patterns. Academics agree on the fact that culture is something that has to be learned and consequently shared; moreover, culture involves thinking, feeling and acting. Often culture goes way beyond what meets the eye; Edgar Schein stated that even if it is possible to observe and to get to know the artefacts that are visible (language, clothing, food, manners, ecc.), only a detailed analysis can uncover the values and beliefs hidden by those artefacts. This essay will start by looking at the etymology of the word, drawing upon personal knowledge, and then going on explaining what we mean today when we use the word culture; moreover, the essay will try to demonstrate to what extent culture is important for organisations and why it should be carefully considered when making decisions. The points made in this essay will be supported by evidence and theories acquired through secondary research; data collected from online journals and books that will justify and support what will be discussed.
The word culture come from the Latin verb còlere, which…
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