Definition Essay On Apathy

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Tammy Nguyen Coach Keel English 1 – 5th 18 March 2016 Apathy What is the true meaning of Apathy? Well, if one were to search the definition of apathy on google they would probably get something like, “lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.” It is but it also isn’t the definition of apathy. The whole meaning behind apathy is more than just a lack of interest it’s simply the explanation of today’s society. Apathy is when people have no sense of emotion towards anything, they don’t care. They absolutely have no motivation to do or think about anything. They have no goals that they want to achieve because they have lost their sense in accomplishing things. Apathy has become one of the most controversial issues in today’s society. It’s something…show more content…
This is by far the closest thing as to being apathetic. Procrastinating is a great example of being apathetic because people don’t care about what they need to do and they focus more on what they want to do. Some blow off whatever they need to do until the last minute and others just don’t do it at all! They just hurt their selves when they procrastinate, because when people procrastinate they usually get an over amount of stress just because they didn’t do it earlier when they could have. Procrastination is a huge sign that students like to wear and show their teachers how much they care. That’s the thing, if people don’t show their teacher that they care then they will most likely not care about students grade, but if they show that they do care their teacher will probably focus more on helping their grade. Another example of apathy is in the election this year. America is full of apathetic legalized voters and that’s really not a good thing. They think it’s a joke and that it’s just hysterical. But they’re so full of themselves that they don’t take the time to think about how their vote could affect some people and even if they knew it would have a bad outcome for some, they don’t care enough to stop what they’re doing and actually think about
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