Definition Of Evaluation Of Sr Essay

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Purpose of Evaluation SR is a 45 year old, single, African American male, who lives with his family in an urban area of Columbus, GA. SR is currently unemployed, but is on disability. SR is presenting to see if a higher level of care is needed for his presenting symptoms. A local outpatient community service board referred SR, after a routine appointment with his outpatient therapist because of reported aggressive behaviors, to include homicidal threats, with multiple plans, by his family. While at the appointment his outpatient therapist reports that the client was rambling, having racing thoughts, rapid and frequent mood swings and severe paranoia. SR reports that he is easily agitated and has anger outbursts that accompany his mood swings. He also reports severe bouts of depression that leads to decrease in sleep and appetite, as well as helpless, hopeless, and worthless feelings. Client reported feeling like people were talking about him, and laughing at him, while at home with his family, he also feels that his family are out to get him, and his money, onset, x2 weeks. SR also reported current active homicidal ideations on 10/31/16 with a plan to shoot his friend who stole money from him. Client reports onset for H/I was 10/29/16. SR has no previous homicidal attempts. Per family, SR is very impulsive and spends his money on gambling and drugs. SR also has a 15 year addiction to cocaine, which he feels he can’t kick. SR has tried to stop in the past, but he always

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