Definition Of Multiculturalism

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Defined by the English Oxford Living Dictionaries, the word multiculturalism can be seen as “The presence of, or supporting the presence of, several distinct cultural or thence groups within a society”. This is a common theme through our world. But the question may be arising, Can we live in a society where everyone is different and still function without discrimination? Next I’d like to hi-light the meaning of ‘culture’ and ‘failure’. Culture by Merriam-Websters definition, “The customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group”. Failure by Merriam-Websters definition, “A state of inability to perform a normal function”. Some believe that multiculturalism has failed. It is self evident that in past years there’s much discrimination of non-natives, which will eventually lead to other things, such as racism, and violent attacks. Firstly, many cultures focus on themselves, how their culture is different from many other cultures. Therefore, this brings us to national assimilation, as cultures we shouldn’t be focused on how our culture is perhaps better, we are rather focused on what brings us together as a nation. Its basically our culture versus their culture, with multiculturalism in mine. In doing this, those in a specific society will only want to defend their culture. A prime example that Walter E. Williams, professor at George Mason Universe writes “trying to convert Muslims to Christianity is seen as a hate crime” This is not

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