Definition Of Physical Classroom Arrangement

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Physical Classroom Arrangement The classroom that was observed over a two week period is located in a middle school that includes sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. The specific class was a Developing English class for English language learners. It was comprised of sixteen eighth-graders who based on tests in reading, writing, listening, and speaking were designated to have intermediate English language proficiency. Of the sixteen students, three receive special education accommodations for learning disabilities and one student receives services for emotional disabilities. The class has one second year teacher and no co-teacher or paraprofessional. The class meets three times a week for a ninety-minute block. Immediately upon entering the classroom there is a noticeable lack of space. The desks are clustered in groups of three or four near the middle of the classroom with the projector and computer for big group instruction in the center. The desks are arranged so that no student has their back to the whiteboard and smart board during large group instruction. The prearranged clusters of desks lend themselves to small group work that is occasionally used to check understanding as part of the main lesson. Around the edges of the classroom are more desks and tables set up to facilitate station work for either small groups or individual students. All materials that the students consistently use for the class are kept in their individual boxes which are located on a
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