Definition Of Proper Order Of The East Asia Essay

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Min Ji Park
Prompt #1
Proper Order

The Proper Order is a set of orders that are assumed to be the necessary qualifications for a society to be considered “proper”. This set of ideals is used to judge whether the political state of a given time of a state is failing or not. The proper order, in the context of the East Asia specifically, has to include: being congruent to the human nature and sympathetic to it, providing incentives to seek for the better or deter from committing wrong, having good leaders, being compatible to the forces that are in between or outside of the human affairs, and having a clear objective of prospering the people in all classes. All of the criteria can be translated into criteria for securing the sine qua non social foundation and social unity for smoother future progresses that increases the efficiency of the political system; however, it is extremely vulnerable at the same time, because there are too many forces that are needed to be intact, and some parts cannot be fulfilled until luck decides to come.
First, the proper order requires the everyday matters of the human life are fulfilled: simply put, survival and smooth cohesion. In order for a state/nation to be said that it is in a proper order, it needs its members to be satisfied with the materials that can be afforded by each members. Overall wellbeing of the people is crucial to achieve the necessary peace for the nation to thrive; people may look the other way to only

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