Definition Of Version Control Solutions

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Version Control is an important thing when you’re working on projects with several different people involved. One could argue that it’s important even if you’re working by yourself since you can maintain consistent backups of your projects. Throughout the years, Unity3D has had several different “built-in” version control solutions. One of the best ones, in my opinion, was the Unity Asset Server. Unfortunately, the Asset Server is now a legacy product and it sounds like Unity will no longer be updating it for future releases. The other downside to the Asset Server is that it requires a Pro license for Unity in order to implement it. Aside from the Asset Server, there are several different third-party solutions such as PlasticSCM, Perforce, …show more content…

E.G: MyUnityGame.
Put in a Description if you want.
Set it to public or private (If you’re on a free account you can only choose public).
Check the box that says “Initialize this repository with a README”
Click the “Add .gitignore” box. On the filter box that comes up, type “Unity”. You will see a Unity option come up in the list, choose this option.
Github Unity OptionYou can leave the “Add a license” box alone unless you know what kind of license you want to use. I usually leave mine blank.
Click “Create Repository”
Now that the repository is created, you need to get the repository onto your computer. To do this, download and install GitHub Desktop. There are Mac and PC versions of the program.

Once GitHub Desktop is installed, open it up and sign in to your GitHub account when it asks you for your credentials. If you ever need to login to your account again for any reason (such as a password change), click the Gear Icon in the top right of the program and choose “Options”, as seen here:

Github Options

Then choose the “Add Account” button:

Github Add Account Option

On the main GitHub Desktop Window, click the “+” Icon at the top left of the program. Choose the “Clone” option on the window that comes up. Here, you will see a list of repositories that you

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