Definitions Of A Computer Network

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Define and explain the following terminologies
Computer network:
In a computer network, relevant equipment is interconnected through the usage of wires or wireless mechanisms in order to exchange data. In particular, a computer network allows for info and data to be exchanged, at an instance, from one interconnected spot to another. In such case, a client/server system applies; a terminal is directly connected to a relevant local area network (LAN). In contemporaneous business-doing, computers are usually connected through LAN to shared office resources (i.e. software) located on a relevant office server that allows for interconnection of users, who can use available office resources via terminals that act as connection points (Kuross & Ross, 2005, p.23).
Personal area networks (PANs)
A personal area network refers to the small peripheral area of an individual that uses wireless equipment (e.g. PDAs - personal digital assistants-, notebooks, etc.) in order to transfer or recover data. In other words, a PAN refers to the network-to-workstation context, where wireless equipment provides or gains data from accessed workstations. When photos are sent via Bluetooth from a phone device, for example, a workstation is undertaking the task to enable the transferring (Kuross & Ross, 2005, p.29).
Local area networks (LANs)
A Local Area Network refers, usually, to the interconnection of terminals in a relatively small geographical area such as an apartment, a building, a University…
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