Deflection Of Cantilever Beam Lab Report

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INTRODUCTION: The study of large deflection of cantilever beam comes from theory of elasticity. Theory of elasticity state that “solid material will deform under the application of an external force it will again regain their original position when external force is removed is referred to as elasticity”. We took beam made of nickel titanium alloy which regain their original shape after removing external force act on the beam. It’s a prismatic circular cross section beam. Initial shape and curvature of nickel titanium alloy depend upon its length and self-weight of the beam large deflection of combined loading was proposed by kyongoo lee [1] finding deflection of non-linear elastic cantilever beam and solved governing equation using numerical integration of one- parameter shooting method. Bishop and drucker [2] investigate large deflection of cantilever beam of linear elastic material. We are using nitinol (nickel titanium alloy) beam it’s having a low modulus of elasticity (E) which shows good spring back behavior which regain its original shape after removing external load. Who’s bending stiffness is low compared to other material like stainless steel. Due to this property at very low external load large deflection take place in the beam. We are going to find the deflection in …show more content…

This bending moment equation was only valid when the entire point load is in same direction. In this paper we are dealing about single segment continuum robot and the load experienced on each disk are dependent upon load provided at end disk through secondary back bone and the direction of each disk was also depend upon end point load direction. Important assumption p>p1>p2>p2>p3……….>pn point load pat free end of the beam must be greater than p1 which is present next to point load at distance L1 same will be followed to one

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