Defying The Haircut Policy

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Most of the students who experience punishment when they defy the haircut policy suffer a long time due to embarrassment. Students who are suspended due to defying policies suffer academically. In most instance they receive failing grades or do not have opportunities to make up missed schoolwork. They fall irretrievably behind, and there is a moderate to strong indication that they will eventually drop in school.

Some students are also high risks in becoming a criminal due to lack of sociability to others. They think that everyone will punished them and embarrassment them to all. Students who violated the policies also denial their self esteem due to improper scolded by their teachers. They also tend to have no discipline among people who are higher than them.
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Students who are following this policy have self-awareness. They also practice the good virtue in being an obedience child. It will also good in being in proper attire in
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