Dell Inc. An American Multinational Computer Technology Company Essay

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Dell Inc is an American multinational computer technology company. Named after its founder, Michael Dell, the company is one of the largest in the technology industry. Since the company began in 1984, Dell has created a reputation of excellent customer satisfaction, becoming the household name for home computing. But the company serves more than just the average family, offering software and peripherals, mobile workstations, data storage, mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, servers, and networking solutions. The company currently employs more than 108,800 with 54.89 billion in sales (Forbes, 2016).
The company has come a long way in the last 32 year from Michael Dell 's Texas dorm room. From that time on Dell has been a dedicated player producing quality personal computers for homes and businesses, as well as government and private organizations. Dell currently manufactures, designs, and sells an extensive range of computing products globally. Dell also support several office applications include security software, antivirus, laptop accessories, and televisions, networking entertainment software, keyboards, mice, printers, and power adapters, digital cameras etc. Dell’s mission doesn’t stop there. They also provide technical support in the company wide with excellent financial services, infrastructure technology services, and Information Technology consulting services. Dell’s serves several different groups which include Government, education and health care

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