Dell vs. Apple Essay

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Michael Dell founded Dell in 1984 at the age of 19. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak designed Apple Computer on April 1, 1976. As both companies continue to grow they have contributed to a wide impact on competiveness and efficiency towards strategic goals. Dell Computer Corporation is one of the most visible success stories in the computer market. By selling personal computers directly to customers over the Internet, offering a build-to-order sales system, and then linking suppliers, workers, managers, customers, and service personnel together on the Internet, Dell has built a series of rapid-response systems that have revolutionized organizational communication. Dell’s rapid-response systems have led to fear, admiration, and attempts at …show more content…

Second, Dell has a rapid-response system for providing customer service. This interactive real-time communication system can be accessed by telephone or computer for personal or automated technical and customer support in dealing with computer problems. This service is toll free 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the world in multiple languages. Dell monitors these service interactions in order to construct maintenance profiles on each piece of equipment and the appropriate instructions for its use, and to develop appropriate repair sequences for each type of problem for use by its live and automated repair processes. Such profiles allow Dell to warn customers of potential problems, develop clear problem correction routines, and access equipment and worker performance in manufacture and assembly. This interactive customer service system has won Dell awards from Fortune Magazine, PC World Magazine, Windows Magazine, and Best Buy Stores as the number one computer firm in customer service. Third, Dell has a rapid-response system for linking all suppliers, workers, managers, and customers to Dell’s value chain. This interactive real time communication system is employed to order parts, manufacture and outsource computer modules, and coordinate assembly and distribution of products to customers. Managers employ this system for all human resource functions, workers and suppliers for all coordination sequencing and quality control processes,

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