Democracy In Democracy And Democracy

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The argument of why republican government should be the preferred one and where its advantages lie over the democracy is discussed by the federalist. To start with, the problems faced by the governments across the world in past, present and future are presented. One of the major problems comes with the division of representatives to unionize or form factions. In the light of revolution, in the times of chaos and injustice, it is known throughout history that the inception of such situations arose due to some form of unionization, which have been successful in eradicating state and national governments as a whole. The American government is idolized for being strong against the face of such revolutions despite its own multitude of problems. Some common issues faced within a government like the absolute power of the majority is addressed. I believe it to be true due to many real-life situations where the party in power stampedes over the wishes of the other by disregarding their points of view, thereby disregarding potential ways which could help the common citizen. A faction being a group of people who unite under a wing of similar interests and usually aim to achieve something of their passion, which they couldn’t while working alone due to the adversity of society. Some solutions suggested by the federalist lie in potentially obliterating the freedom to operate under freewill or by finding a common ground which every citizen could relate to. Despite the crudeness of the former idea, it is viable solution as it would prevent anyone to have ideas for personal gains under which they could unionize. However, such doing also has a potential for causing the very revolution it was avoiding in the first place. The latter solution, is probably the utmost difficult to achieve in this age and generation of humanity. The diversity of the people beginning from their race, religion, way of life, passions, attachments to someone cause the presence of so many varied interests which more often than not conflict with one another. Given that, one’s opinion and one’s passion complement each other by viewing their actions, we can assume that, it is unattainable to think of ideas that could persuade each and every one. The

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