Democrats Compare And Contrast Essay

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The politics in the United States is known for its bipartidarial nature, with Democrats and republicans ruling the nation’s political scenery. These parties are both constantly shaping not only the face of politics, but the people’s dogmas and actions. After President Trump’s election, the whole nation became agitated. In the midst of all the riots, protests and controversy, the election has provided much more information about both parties and the people’s reaction to it showed how it affects the American people. Although there are some aspects in which Republicans and Democrats converge, their differences are the ones that show off the most. Even though it is valid that none have succeeded in making the best decisions for the nation whenever given the chance, the rhetoric provided by the democrats seems more fair to me, even though it cannot fulfill everyone’s wishes in the United States. While both parties are known for their differences, some core ideals seem to be unchanged or very similar. Both parties promote the use of private prisons; after the period known as the War on Drugs, the increasing number of inmates began to rise and costs for local, state and federal governments began to be problematic. Even though the Obama administration stated that private prisons were less safe, they did not completely shut it down, and the Trump…show more content…
While the Democrats support that all women should have a safe and legal access to abortion, the Republicans despise that, as they believe that an unborn child should have the right to live (although I do believe that this ideal is deeply connected to the conservative’s supporters who are known to be formed by a majority of people with strict religious beliefs. Following the same line, I believe that the refute of the right of same-sex marriage policy from the republicans also is a reflect of religious dogmas of their voters and
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