Demography, Human Resources, Marketing, Planning, And Politics

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1a. There have been many definitions of demography. Its analysis is often used to address a wide variety of scientific and policy questions. Using your own words, please define what is demography, and why is demography relevant to other disciplines (e.g. business, human resources, marketing, planning and politics)?

In its most general and widespread understanding, demography is known as the study of human populations, in particular the size, progression, as well as its structure (McFalls, 2007). Demography itself is not a simple idea. Instead, it is a broad measure of various characteristics and behaviors of human populations. Because of this complexity, it is a very fundamental yet supreme concept that relates to many other crucial aspects in the world, namely: business, human resources, marketing, planning, as well as politics. Human population is an ever changing measure. As time goes on, the human population underwent a continuous makeover. Population changes due to many natural processes: migration, death, and birth. However, populations amongst different areas (continents, countries, cities, etc) are different from each other. They are, in a way, related to each other; population change in one area may affect population of another. Not only that, the speed at which a population changes also varies. Because of all of the reasons stated above, it is a very crucial study that can reveal much of the needed reference to many decision making questions national leaders

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