Dendrites Are Important. These Tiny, Little Nerve Cells

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Dendrites are important. These tiny, little nerve cells have significant importance to the overall functions of the brain. Dendrites are primarily important due to what dendrites are, but also because of the multiple interesting facts about dendrites, the functions of dendrites, how dendrites are grown, and due to the vast dendritic studies and experimentations.
First and foremost, dendrites are truly interesting cells within the host body. A neuron is a tiny, microscopic cell. Often, neurons are confused with nerves, but both are different things. Neurons are not nerves, although both are related! Nerves are made from a large bundle of axons and dendrites and are macroscopic or visible to the naked eye (Chabner 346; Coon and Mitterer …show more content…

It is therefore important to keep mentally engaged! When the child makes it to two years of age, billions of neuron connections are established, which only increases throughout the lifetime (Feldman 94). It was once alleged that the brain could not generate new neurons to replace old or damaged neurons, but this belief was found untruthful. Research from a part of the brain known as the hippocampus showed evidence of new cells and formation (Sprenger). This new research found that the brain loses cells on a daily basis while, at the same time, grows new neurons to replace the dead cells through a process known as neurogenesis (Coon and Mitterer 63). Another interesting fact is that most neurons are stored in columns in the neocortex part of brain and a chain of neurons are called the neural network. This all relates to the vital theory of Long-Term Potentiation (LTP), which states that every time a neuron sends information, the memory of the data sent is literally programmed to that cell. The information is learned multiple times while it is practiced and the signal has the potential to learn and go faster each time (Sprenger). Scientists must learn what these new cells do, but it is believed to be hugely involved in learning and memory processes (Coon and Mitterer 63). Dendrites are truly interesting and amazing cells! Moreover, the function of dendrites play a critical role in bodily processes, especially of thought and perception. Dendrites relay

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