Dennet Quining Qualia Summary

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Course Reading for Mental Qualities
1) Dennet – Quining Qualia
- Thesis (1): Conscious experience does not have any special properties, therefore qualia are non-existent.
- Central Argument (3-5): The brainstorm machine is part of the intuition pump that has the possibility to confirm two individuals have different color qualia. The issue here is that one could never know the correct orientation of the brainstorm machine because there is never an intersubjective comparison of qualia, even with the help of technology. Additionally, the intuition pump of the neurosurgical prank and alternative neurosurgery describes an evil neuroscientist did something horribly wrong in one’s mind where his or her color qualia are inverted. What the evil neuroscientist might have done is maybe inverted the optic nerve or the certain memory-anchored dispositions to react to qualia. Concluding that these two procedures do not …show more content…

4) Robinson – Phenomenal Qualities
- The phenomenal concept strategy does not explain where phenomenology comes from.
- He assumes that it will explain the metaphysical explanatory gap where the phenomenal concept strategy solves Kripke’s explanatory gap that there is some identity statement when one claims about the brain state that is equivalent to the phenomenal state. Moreover, Leibniz’s law state that if there are two objects that are identical, they must share all and only the same properties. This can be possible, but it needs an explanation as to why certain neural state have qualities and certain ones don’t. Or it can be primitive where direct realist, dualist, and broth identity theory says that it is a mystery.
- The phenomenal concept strategy would block Leibniz’s law because it is an acquittance concept that somehow knows the concept.

5) Papineau – Can We Really See a Million Colours?
- Antagonistic towards the orthodox view of seeing a million

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