Department Improvement Reflection

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My most recent experience in regards to leadership and the school and department improvement process has been in establishing a true Professional Learning Community (PLC) within Air Academy High School. I serve as a PLC lead for the science department. Through this process, we hope to make great gains in student achievement and staff actively participates in continuous professional learning leading to increased staff performance. After reviewing state testing data the site plan team, on which I participate, noticed discrepancies between the performance of male and female students. In addition to gender discrepancies, the team noticed that there were some teachers with classes that were much larger than colleagues who taught the same subject. …show more content…

I contacted an expert from our district office in unwrapping the standards and co- facilitated a professional learning day around realigning the curricula. This is the current status of our PLC process, however for beginning the process only three months ago, I am confident that it will continue to support student academic achievement and teacher growth. Our next step in the process is to create common formative and summative assessments based on the non-negotiables that were agreed upon. We hope to have this done for first semester next year in all core classes. After establishing the common curricula and spending the year building trust, we will be able to compare data and best practices. As the digital learning coach, I have also been involved in the logistics of this movement. We have purchased Mastery Manager as our data collection and analysis tool. I have been working with the company and our staff, to get teachers trained and ensure that the product fits the needs at Air Academy High School. In addition to fining the right supports for data collection and analysis, I have also been involved in brainstorming how our advisory period will be utilized to provide targeted and specific interventions school wide. I have been researching companies that provide electronic hall-pass and intervention passes. I have connected with leaders in my own district and those in other districts to find out what will work best for Air Academy and be the most fiscally responsible. Although there are not yet quantitative results that show that the PLC process at Air Academy is having a direct impact on student learning and staff performance, I am confident that in the next few years we will see quantitative results. Qualitatively, we are already seeing the fruits of our labor as the culture of autonomy slowly shifts to collaboration and teachers are

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