Leadership Structures For High Schools

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Chapter IV


The purpose of this qualitative study was to develop a guide for school and district leaders entitled Leadership Structures That Support Professional Learning Communities in High Schools: A School and District Leader?s Practical Guide. This guide creates a practical leadership structure to support the creation of a culture that ensures PLCs and collaboration strongly exist in order to best support high levels of student and adult learning. This Guide comes at a time where many, many districts and high schools are struggling with the implementation of collaborative teams. DuFour has described this struggle as ?PLC Lite? where schools and districts have labeled themselves as PLCs without …show more content…

around School Site a and its instructional leadership structure (Gall, Gall, & Borg, 2003, p. 437). As part of this in-depth case study, I purposely designed research that would encompass the experience of teachers, teacher leaders, school administration and district administration. Through thorough analysis, I was able to triangulate the data in order to use ?different methods with different strengths and limitations to see if they all support the same conclusions? (Maxwell, 2013, p. 102). From the findings of the data found in the in-depth case study, the Guide was created. After original creation of the Guide, a second stage of data collection took place to access the relevancy and usefulness of the Guide. Both sets of findings are included in this chapter. For ease and understanding, I have labeled the states of data collection as Stage One and Stage Two. Stage One data collection encompassed survey, individual interviews, and focus group interviews that informed the findings and analysis in this chapter. Stage two includes results from a pilot survey and twelve individual interviews around the usefulness of the Guide and suggestions for

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