Depression And Masculinity

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Research Proposal: The purpose of this research is to look at depression and masculinity and its effect on suicidality. It focuses on changing the way teenage boys interact with other individuals, so that they open up about emotions and struggles. The sample would be composed of children and teenagers between the ages of 10-15. Classrooms would be randomly chosen from schools around Montreal elementary and high schools. This research would be a randomized control trial.
Depression would be defined as it is in the DSM-5 under Major Depressive Disorder (Reynolds and Kamphaus 2013). It will be measured by the Children’s Depression Rating Scale-Revised Score and Reynold Adolescent Depression Scale – second edition (Keller et al. 2011; Reynolds
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It characterizes personality based on gender stereotypes by measuring how well one fits in a traditional sex role.
As part of the experiment, a survey will be administered to collect data from the subjects, a desired number of 200. First, the subjects in the experimental group will complete the depression survey with the Bem scale and the Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire to see where the subjects start. This would be followed by an education period on rates of depression, suicide, and suicidality all while addressing belief and typical reactions of talking about emotions and its association to femininity. In addition, it would address the connection of masculinity to violence. There needs to be an openness when talking about emotions, where seeking help is not associated with weakness. It would be emphasized that there is always a possibility to get help. They would learn to monitor and recognize their emotions. The education sessions would have for effect of normalizing the topic of depression and suicidality, where people who are affected should feel less lonely. The students get exposed to the issues and get desensitized to their association with gender role. They would also
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The consent of the parents is essential since the students are under eighteen years of age and the student themselves should provide assent. They will be given the opportunity to retract their participation at any point during the experiment as a way to seek the free, informed, and ongoing consent. The participants will be given a short briefing about what the experiment consists of. Parents, teachers, school and ethics boards will get a full briefing. The students will get a full debriefing at the end of the experiment. The surveys will be kept anonymous. However, the group exercise will be conducted without anonymity so as to create a connection with the students. All information given by the test subjects in the exercise would remain confidential and would not be recorded to allow for the students to speak freely. The students will be linked to numbers which will not be identifiable to a name and only used for continuity and
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