Depression And Mrs. Smith's Depression

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though that Mr. Smith would like to pursue a legal separation. The third thought is to help Mr. and Mrs. Smith to make their own decision about their choice to continue in their marriage or not according to their personal strengths and recourses.
The fourth thought is to put into their considerations the family as a unit and the needs of their children while they are deciding. The fifth thought is helping them to get insight with their ethics and values and how they grounded it on their ethnicity, culture, background, and their personality. The sixth thought is psychoeducate them about the depression and the side effect of the antidepressant medication. Also, psychoeducate them about the Gotman four horses concepts which cause the dysfunctional
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Smith’s depression, she feels depressed because she believes she is a victim of the negative the group of her life’s stressors; her significant depression, a child with special needs, non understanding husband, she does not have social support system, and her husband would divorce her. She is not able to function well because her stressors make her feel guilty, frustrated, sad, and anxious due to her unresolved pain and conflict. As Fowers, (2005) stated, “In the process of gaining greater clarity about cultural values and the character strengths necessary to pursue them, critical questions about those values will arise” (p. 31).
Mr. Smith also believes that his marriage has to be perfect as his parents’ marriage was perfect. He felt that Mrs. Smith made a mistake by having an affair and it might have been partially his fault because he wasn’t emotionally available to her. This is the reason behind Mr. Smith’s hopelessness and anger. Mr. Smith acted according to these feelings by withdrawing. Unfortunately, he feels he cannot cope with the situation and discuss the issue openly with his wife. For Mrs. Smith, she will remember every time she communicates with Mr. Smith that he wasn’t able to forgive her for having the
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