Depression : Depression And Anxiety

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Depression is it all apart of the Psych/o ? Before depression were more commonly understood, people thought of Depression as a form of Psychosis. Basically viewing others as “crazy” if they were to have suffered from Depression. Now that depression is more commonly understood according to the World Health Organization 350 people suffer from depression worldwide, practically everyone has it! Depression & Anxiety are the most Known forms of Mental Illnesses . Therefore Knowing that depression is prevalent, The need to Research depression is vital to one's health . First, let's start by discussing what depression is. Depression is considered a mental illness disorder .Depression is the most prevalent mood disorder (Hermes,2015). According to Mayo Clinic depression affects the mood and causes overwhelming amount of despondence and lack of interest in activities once enjoyed by a person. What causes depression ? depression does not have one root cause . Depression can stem from childhood trauma, abuse, substance abuse, stress, heritance,and many other reasons. Genetics,stress contexts and processes, biological stress mechanisms ,temperament,emotion, reward,cognitive processes and interpersonal influences may lead to depression (Andres,2016). Depression can be very severe and lead to death if left untreated. So many people suffer from depression and lack the importance of why treating mental illness is a must. If mental illness is present , it has a way of making everything else secondary in life, hence the lack of interest in former activities. Not everyone loses interest in activities they love, in fact some continue to take part in activities they love showing signs of depression in other ways like hoarding ,obsessive compulsive disorder, overly controlling, or an over indulgence in activities. This is due to the fact that is there is not just one form of depression. There are many different types of depression, which is why people who suffer from depression exhibit different characteristics of the illness. The following are forms of depression: Major depression, Persistent depressive disorder,Bipolar disorder ,Seasonal affective disorder, Psychotic Depression,Peripartum Depression,Premenstrual

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