Depression In College

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Going to college is a great experience because you achieve goals, become more knowledgable and even make lifelong friends. The “college life” everyone imagines does not portray the various healths problems college students encounter. The most common health problem college students have is depression. Depression is a mental illness that results in the inability to function regularly. Some of the symptoms of depression are a persistent sad mood, decreased energy and thoughts of death or suicide. If you experience any of symptoms of depression everyday for two weeks, then you potentially are considered depressed. Help should be immediately be sought if any of the symptoms impede with your functioning, do not wait! College students should seek help if they think they may be suffering from depression because the inability to function could affect their education as well as their social life. If depression is not treated, it could lead to other potential issues and behaviors, that have serious …show more content…

When considering if someone is suicidal, observe their behavior and see if it changes or has changed. A few waring signs a person that is suicidal may demonstrate are an increase of the amount of alcohol they consume, withdraw from activities, saying goodbye to loved ones or giving away possessions that they love. If you know a person that exhibits any of these warning signs you should immediately reach out to help them. Talk to them in private and take the person seriously. In beginning of the conversation, ask them questions about their situation. When they respond, listen carefully them to and show them that you care about their well-being. You then should refer them to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 and help them remove anything that is sufficient to causing suicide. The last step in this action plan is to take them to a counseling service, ER or

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