Depression in Australia and Arranged Marriages in Sri Lanka

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It is estimated that 20 percent of individuals in Australia will be affected by mental illness at any stage in their life. Previous research attained, highlights that mental illness is twice as common in individuals whom are single than individuals in which are married (Stoddart, 1926). Marriage can generate an essence of identity and contribute to one’s self-worth (Gove et al. 1990). However, marriage can be stressful, specifically to those that are generally more vulnerable to stressors and therefore can eventually lead to the individual becoming more predisposed to developing a mental illness than others. Depression is noted as one of the frequently occurring psychiatric disorders. Depressive symptoms can significantly affect changes in marital status due to the sensitivity and reactiveness predisposed by the symptoms. England & Farkas (1986) found that women appeared to show more emotional investment in their marriage. A study by Gonzalez and Koestner (2006) showed gender differences regarding one’s expression towards romantic emotions, in individuals married or in current relationships. The participants analyzed content of 300 valentine announcements, in which love, praise, commitment and fidelity were the emotions addressed. The study concluded that women emphasized love and fidelity; whilst men emphasized praise and commitment significantly more. Further, research has shown that greater distress was possessed by married women compared to married men, which may be as
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