Deputy Halbasch Narrative

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Narrative- On 27Jun16 at 1654 hrs. I, Deputy Halbasch, received a message from Sheriff Aukes about a property pickup at the Bitker residence as Carolyn now had/has an OFP against Dave. On 28Jun16 At 0836 I arrived at the Bitker residence at 13400 Hwy 34 to standby as Dave was to pick up Yellow Pages Phone Books that he had a contract to deliver throughout the area. Dave stated his son; Jack Shaw & Jason Tollefson would be arriving soon to help him load the books. Dave unlocked the storage shed with keys he had on his person upon arrival, and I observed numerous pallets with the phone books on them. Dave stated there were 39 pallets of books total and he wanted to have them all removed so he got paid for delivery. Dave then started

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