Barn Oak Court Cases

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On Friday, August 12, 2016 at approximately 1000 hours, I assisted the patrol division in locating a burglary suspect that entered the residence of 1023 Barn Oak Court. The complainant/victim Nicole Smith stated to the Conyers Commutation that when she entered the front door of the residence, she heard an unidentified noise in the back bedroom. As she entered the rear bedroom the subject exited the residence through the rear window.
Deputy Watts, with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, and Officer Burn, from the Conyers Police Department, made contact with a black male walking on Pine Log road. Officer Burns stated the male was sweating profusely and had cuts on the tee-shirt. The subject was identified as Darnel Smith.
The victim, Nicole knew Darnel and stated that he is not supposed to be at her residence. Nicole advised that Darnel was her son. Nicole also stated that residence was her boyfriends, Timothy Parker. Nicole told officers on scene that Darnel was not supposed to be in Parker’s residence.
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When the interview started, Darnel stated that he was just left the court house and he was just walking down Pinelog Road. I asked Darnel did he go to the general direction of Barn Oak Court and he stated no. I exited the room and acquired the finger print cards that were lifted from the scene. I then relocated back to the interview room and asked Darnel were these his finger prints that were left on the window seal. Darnel advised me that they were not his and I left the interview room. When I left the interview room, Darnel took a tissue and wiped the dirt off his shoes and placed it back in the tissue box. Darnel then started to lick his finger and bite on his fingertips. I reentered the room and confronted Darnel about the acquisitions. I collected the tissue box and Darnel shoes. Darnel stated that he would tell me what really
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