Investigator Larceny : The Aspects Of Trail Cameras

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idea what we are dealing with. Also after he was back in the house he went out back in the woods to retrieve our trail cameras that were back in the woods where we bow hunt. The cameras were gone except one and on that camera was a picture of Thomas All walking away with my trail camera. Dave printed that picture and gave it to me. I brought it to Investigator Mauro of the Sheriffs Department, he assured me Thomas All was going to be arrested. Two weeks later I called him and he told me they charged Laura with petty larceny. Thomas All said Laura sent him in the woods to get the cameras. Also Thomas All snap chatted a picture of my chain saw along with one of Dave's that was missing. This is the same saw he told Deputy Murray he didn't…show more content…
Sure if you ask him did you buy the log splitter, he might say no or I don’t know anything about it, but if you say Thomas All and Nick Fyfe told Mr. Spina you bought it and gave him your address and we really appreciate you returning it, not to mention Daves daughter was present when you returned it and you got into a verbal argument with Laura Fagan. We can ask the daughter to identify you if you like. We are not interested in arresting you for possession of stolen property, but we would appreciate you giving us a statement admitting she sold it to you. Thus Laura can be charged for it and I can ask for restitution through the district attorney which Laura has balked at already or sue her in civil court. At least then I might have a chance at getting some money for damages. Then on the day I brought the picture of Thomas All walking away with my camera, Deputy Murray was present and ask me if I was looking for trouble. I asked him what he was talking about and he asked me what I was doing over by Yvonne Alls house. I told Deputy Murray that was B,S., I was never near her house. He said don’t lie, she has a picture of you . Again I said that was B.S,. He responded saying she showed him a picture of me driving past her house. I responded that driving down the street which is a public road and going near her house are two very different things. Their house is hundreds of feet back off the road, I asked him did I do anything wrong. Did I flip her the bird, did

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