Describe The Main Functions Of Each Layer In The Osi Model Research Paper

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Assignment 1: Data Transmission Sai Ram Bharadwaj Godasi 1. Describe the main functions of each layer in the OSI model? (10 points) Ans. The main functions of each layer in the OSI model are: Application Layer. The network services, made available by this layer, are utilized by users and application programs. It basically acts as a window between network services and users & application processes. This layer also handles functions like - Resource sharing and device redirection, Remote file access, Remote printer access, Inter – process communication, Network management, Directory services, Electronic messaging and Network virtual terminals. Presentation Layer. Identification of the data format, providing data interfaces and data compression and translation of data format to be presentable to the user are the functions performed in this layer. It acts as a translator for the network by translating application layer data format to common format at the sending station and back to application layer format at the receiving station. This layer also provides: Character code translation, Data encryption (to secure the information). Session Layer. Initiation, maintenance and termination of logical sessions between sender and receiver are handled in this layer. Initiation of session is done at the sender’s end and termination is handled at the receiver’s end. This layer also provides session support – performs functions that enable the processes to communicate over

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