Description And Description Of A Computer

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Name Picture Use Communicating Motherboard All of the main components in a computer connect to the motherboard the board allows all the things on it to computer to communicate. This board contains the Northbridge and the Southbridge. The Northbridge controls the main communications on the board between the ram, CPU and PCI-e. The Southbridge communicates with PCI, SATA and things like USB and audio. CPU The central processing unit does all the calculations to process the data that is requested by the operating system. The CPU connects through a socket in the motherboard and communicates with the Northbridge which communicates with the ram and the rest of the computer to produce the data for the CPU. Cache The cache is inside the CPU. Where the CPU uses it as very high speed storage where data is stored as it is processed this data is then offloaded into the ram. The cache only communicates with the CPU as this is what gives it all its data and tells it what to store. Ram Ram temporarily stores the data that is being processed by the CPU. This type of storage is very fast so the computer can work faster than using the data directly from the HDD. However this is volatile memory so when power is lost everything in the ram is lost. The ram communicates with The CPU and the rest of the motherboard via the Northbridge. It receives and stores data then sends the data when it is give a command to do so. Heat sink The heat sink sits on top of the processor and draws
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