Description And Goals Of Marketing 495

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Description and Goals of Assignment Marketing 495 is marketing academic internship course that designed to benefit the student and the employers. Through this course, I interned as Marketing Business Associate Intern at The Cambridge Network. The purpose of the project: 1. Provide an opportunity to make a significant contribution to employer’s operation through student’s insights and application that I have learned at the California State University, Fullerton. 2. Provide opportunity to experience the real business environment compared to the perspectives on the academic concepts and theories that the student has studied Methodology The Cambridge Network is the company that has multicultural consumers and employers. Depends on the…show more content…
Personal Reflections and Contribution From the marketing 353 class, I learned how to do the marketing research and analyze the research results. With that knowledge, I contribute to do the market research for the GP Homestay to find the host family in a specific region in U.S. In addition, I am assisting the Host recruitment coordinator to develop the marketing materials for the schools and host families. This task helps me to understand the development of marketing materials. Processing the stipends to host families is the key task that helps me to understand how marketing drives a company’s sales. Also, by doing tasks such as client management, customer service, and collaboration with global offices and departments I can experience the multicultural consumer in real-world that I learned from the MKTG485 class. Project Swirl Stand MKTG 379- Marketing Research Method Instructor: Neil Granitz Description and Goals of Assignment The Swirlstand is a frozen yogurt vending machine that allows consumers to purchase high-quality frozen yogurt without entering the store. We think that Swirlstand will transform the way consumers buy frozen yogurt. From our data results with SPSS software, we will decide the target market for our product that will be successful before the Swirlstand starts. These objectives include: ● What quick-service frozen yogurt restaurants do consumers frequent? ● How important are each of the attributes that consumers are
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