Description Of A Group That I Am Comfortable Facilitating

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Introduction Facilitating groups require a certain level of expertise and skills. The purpose of facilitating a group is to help individuals who are wanting to change. An excellent group leader must make sure their group purpose and type of group is clearly stated when a client is considering joining the group. The facilitator’s role is to encourage their group to collaborate as a group honestly and respectfully. This paper is going to examine a description of a group that I am comfortable facilitating, a description of a group I am not comfortable facilitating, strategies used to overcome personal discomforts in facilitating psychotherapy groups, and explaining how to apply these strategies to improve my effectiveness as a group leader. Description of a Group that is Comfortable Facilitating Psychotherapy groups are designed to assist individuals in advancing their ability to deal with complications in their life. Research states that “The group worker who specializes in psychotherapy groups helps individual group members remediate psychological problems and interpersonal problems of living” (Corey, Corey, & Corey, 2010, p.15). The goal of group psychotherapy is to support the client in resolving their emotional frustrations and help the clients discover their personal developments. Members who participate in this group have trouble with disorders that are chronic or acute emotionally and mentally. Due to the fact that these disorders cause a client significant distress,

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