Description Of A Leader X

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Identifying Information

Leader X is a church leader with a wife and children. He is concerned with his use of pornography; he believes it is affecting his relationship with his family. Leader X is also concerned that his use or pornography will lead to more problem.

Nature of Referral

Leader X self-referred himself to counseling. He does not believe that his family or any of the members of the church know about his problem.

Theoretical Formulation

Leader X’s case is well suited for conceptualization using cognitive behavior therapy. The CBT approach focuses on thoughts and how they influence behavior and feelings. The cognitive interventions aim to modify maladaptive cognitions while the behavioral interventions aim to decrease …show more content…

The reinforcements will something that Leader X enjoys and can only have when he earns it.

A full functional analysis of Leader X’s feeling, thoughts, events and behaviors both preceding and following his use of pornography will be conducted. As well as exploring the function that pornography is playing in his life. By doing this I will be able to determine what is causing Leader X to use pornography, for example if he is using it to escape stress or using it as a way to feel better about himself or even as a way to escape from a situation. Leader X will be taught stimulus control strategies which will involve destroying and removing all pornography he has and in addition to this he will be taught how to use imagery. By teaching Leader X imagery he will he will be equipped with a way to survive his urges to use pornography as well as learn that if he resists his urges they will subside.

The cognitive distortions that Leader X has about pornography will be addressed. We will do this by pairing perceived positive consequences with negative consequences. For example if he believes that using pornography makes him feel good (this is the positive consequence), I will teach him that it actually leads to him losing his family and position in the church.

As a way to help Leader X replace the time and effort

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