Description Of My Grandma

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I remember the day I left Mexico, very clearly. I will never forget it. March 8, 1997, exactly 2 months before I turned 6 years old. As we were packing the last of our bags into the car my grandma called to me, “Alito!” she yelled and I immediately turned around with a big smile on my face, like one of those huge smiles where all your teeth are showing. I remember my grandmother really well. She was a heavyset lady with long black hair and a very rough voice. Grandma's voice was like a pissed off boss, assertive and loud but whenever she spoke you would listen attentively. My grandmother also had a beauty mark on her face by her left eye. To me, my grandma was the most beautiful soul in the world. When I last saw her, I knew I would never forget her face…always calm but always ready for anything. If I would have known that this was the last time I would see her in person, I would have told her how much I really loved her. I would have mentioned how uneasy I felt that day like I was hearing her last words as we stood there face to face for the last time. If I knew back then that this was the last time I would be in this country. I would have never let her go. “Hijo, I got something for you before you leave,” she told me. She handed me a gold chain, and hanging from it was a big gold coin. I looked at it closely, it had an eagle and around the eagle was Aztec symbols on the other side was an Aztec warrior wearing a headdress. She said, “Always wear it, it will protect

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