Descriptive Bibliography On Education

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Mychael Harvey Mr. Simone 11AP Language + Composition 5 September 2017 Descriptive Bibliography Education Source #1 Dib, Dara. The Goals of Education. February 2, 2009 Even though there is supposed to be a set curriculum which includes education and socialization too, there is a fundamental flaw. Many of the topics introduced are covered very quickly, and then left behind because students have other material to learn. Yet, what we don’t realize is, it’s only teaching students to memorize useless facts for a test. After rushing through the courses and concentrating on memorizing facts, equations, and events for tests, the student begins to lose any real interest in learning. With a loss in interest and knowledge, education doesn’t have the positive impact that it should have. Education Source #2 Peterson, Michael. Purpose of Schools. 2009 In some scenarios, the main goal is to train students as workers. On the other hand it’s to take a big group of students with basic skills that go above the availability of job requirements. This lets colleges and businesses select the best applicant, which results in competition within the school environment. Although, competition can serve as a motivation, it can also serve as a downfall when others don’t support someone’s success. It seems that there needs to be a way of ranking individuals in order of basic
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