Descriptive Childhood School

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In elementary school, when it all began, I considered myself to be pretty smart because I had had practice with reading, writing and other school skills before I was even in kindergarten. It was called “grandma’s school” and I remember going to my grandma’s house with my purple Rugrats bookbag and a matching lunch box. I was never so excited to finally get into kindergarten; moreover, my teacher Mrs. Reed made me feel so welcomed. The room was small and everything was fun sized and colorful. I felt special with my soft suede mat cover that my mom would come in and change for me every week. We were always doing crafts and reading; therefore, I remember checking books out every chance I could. Once I was in first grade, the teacher was older than the others, but she reminded me of a kind Grandma and she acted exactly like I pictured. The classroom was bright and we were seated at big tables with other students. One thing still sticks out to me; the big “dog house” reading nook that the well-behaved kids could go read in. That dog house was white with a big red roof and flowers on the inside with windows all around and squishy bean bags inside. My friend Ahmerah and I would always be in the “dog house” because we were what some people called “teachers’ pet”. The teacher would let my friend and I walk around and help other students understand words while they were reading because she knew we did not need to read the passage and she went on grading papers or she left the room.

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