Descriptive Epidemiology Of Major Depressive Disorder In Canada

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We looked at the data regarding Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Bipolar Disorder (BD) from four countries and compared it with the data from the United States. The countries are Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Mexico. For Canada, we referred to the study Descriptive Epidemiology of Major Depressive Disorder in Canada in 2012. In this study, they used a survey called Canadian Community Health Study - Mental Health (CCHS-MH) to evaluate Major Depressive Disorder among their participants. CCHS-MH is an adaptation of the World Health Organization World Mental Health Composite International Diagnostics. They had a sample of 25, 113 individuals who went through a computer assisted personal interviewer. Their participants were at least …show more content…

The prevalence of Major Depressive Disorder was higher among women than men, especially in the prevalence of Moderate MDD with the female to male ratio of 7:3 (Cullen, et. al, 2013) Comparing United Kingdom and United States, it is similar that the prevalence of Major Depressive Disorder is higher among women than men, like in Canada as well. We have the data of diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder from the US, but we have the data on the prevalence of Bipolar Disorder from United Kingdom. Prevalence and diagnosis is different but when we compare the data from both countries, the results are almost similar. For both prevalence and diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, there is a small gender gap between men and women in which men has the higher prevalence and diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. The UK didn’t mention or provide the percentage of persons based on age, so we weren't able to compare in terms of age. Australia is a country that has been very active in its research on the mental health of its country’s citizens. The Australian Bureau of Statistics releases a survey that they conduct nationally that depicts the mental state of the people in the country. What is so significant about this is not only the scale at which it is done but also the fact that they survey very young children all the way up to the extremely elderly. In the United States a lot of focus is placed on young ot middle

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