Descriptive Essay About A Cat

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My best friend during middle school, Jiali, invited me to her fancy 5 bedroom 3 bathroom fancy house at a cold winter after school to take a look of a cat she is taking care for her friend, since she knew I would be interested. Ever since I left China when I was nine and came back to the United States, I had never owned a cat or even touched one, so I agreed with alacrity. The first thing that grabbed my attention when I arrived to Jiali’s house was a little green plastic cage with silver wires in the front as a gate on top of the kitchen counters. Of course, I was soon to realise that there was a cat inside when Jiali opened the cage after my curious stares and glances. The furry white creature was too afraid to get out of its safety zone. However Jiali managed to take the frightened cat out for me to have a look or maybe even pet its luxurious white and gray coat. Due to the books I had read for my future career, it took me little time to recognize the breed of the lovely cat was a Ragdoll from its distinct white and gray fur and blue eyes. Yet, I haven't noticed this cage not only stores the Ragdoll but also the reason why my veterinarian dream will never come true.
Something I absolutely adore except for my family, friends, and desserts are cats. I like cats because since little I had them as pets and they are just too adorable for me to not exhibit my favor towards these hairy and curious animals. Despite these maniac creatures can scratch the sofa into modern artwork,

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