Descriptive Essay About A Forgotten Pigs

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Forgotten pigs Dripping slowly, repeatedly. The skin goes pink and irritated, however, it's almost disfigured to the point of no return. Grinding, crushing, and gushing, this one that fell to this unfeeling force was… his name was … I don't know. No one knew for his name; no one cared enough. I was fixed on knowing that boy's name. Another one falls into the great mighty machine god. Forever forgotten. No! god as my witness I will know his name! Some time passed after the boy's sacrifice to the machine. We were working as usual At the factory. As nothing had happened. I threw the metal in the furnace. Looking at the flames, as sweating went down my brow. It burned, it burned, and it burned. Watching out the metal bend and contort in strange inhuman shapes. Twisting, screaming, hissing. The metal calls out to me. It screams with the crackling of a fire. Then I see a face; gasping for help! It's calling out to me, it calls to me. I reached to help them slowly walking forward closer, reaching out my hand getting closer and closer to the person. Moving ever so slightly to the twisting shapes. My coworker stops me. He pointed out to me that my hand was burnt. I didn't feel it at all, but the hot metal that I touched in the furnace. had burned a hole through my makeshift gloves and the heat ate at my hand. My co-worker took me to the factory infirmary. My hand would never heal fully from that moment. However, I moved on went back to work with my hand in bad shape. Later that week

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