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The First of Many
On March 15, 2005, in San Diego, California, I was excited but curious as to what the sport of baseball would be like. I jumped into our grey Honda Odyssey, seating myself in my middle-aged car seat, pretty much a booster seat. I didn’t know what to bring or what to be prepared for. The only thing in the back of the van was a slightly beat-up tee ball bat my parents got me a couple years ago. It was from a second cousin of mine whom constantly handed sports equipment down to me.
“Are you ready for your first game?” My Mom asked as we began our drive over to the field.
“Yes, but I don’t think I am dressed right to play.”
My friend Kenny had influenced me to play baseball. I joined late in the season, so at this point, tee ball using the tee itself was gone and now we were facing live pitches from our coach.
“It’s alright, therefore we are arriving early. We will try on some baseball pants and get your uniform as well as glove. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” My Mom responded confidently.
On the way to Chollas Creek Little League, I can see the small strip malls and catching my eyes almost immediately was Rite-Aid. Even though it caught my eye, I didn’t say anything.
We pulled into the gravely, dirt, uneven parking lot. Pulling into a parking spot, my Dad just before my Mom and I opened our doors pulled the van in reverse. The sign just in front read: Foul Ball Area Park At Your Own Risk. Looking around we walked over to what we thought was the snack bar

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