Descriptive Essay About Cats

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I got home from a bad day of school to my mom telling my brother and me that she had wonderful news. We were going to go get some kittens that she found on Craigslist. My parent had been talking about this for a while. We had a mice problem and they thought that getting some cats might help with that. Jeremiah, my brother, and I really wanted to get the cats. He is not really a social person but he talked a lot about these cats. I was terrified of cats and dogs, however, I liked the idea of getting cats. I don’t know why but I did. My mom is allergic to animals with fur so they had to be outside cats but I was still thrilled. I have only had fish as pets before, and they didn’t survive, so this was going to be a new and challenging adventure. I was so excited to be getting these cats and being able to tell people that I have cats now. All of my friends had pets and now I was going to be in that pet club. Now the day has come to go and get these cats. My mother, Jeremiah, and I all got into the car and went to the store. We had to get some necessities for the cats. We got a litter box, litter, a food dish, food, and some toys. This part of the trip was so boring. It was like each step was one more step closer to dying of boredom. I wanted to say can we please go get the cats already, but instead I said nothing. I didn’t want my mother to get mad and back out of the excitement. Jeremiah was feeling the same way. He was bored with the pre-cat getting shopping. Buying these

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