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Coffee, cafe, koffie, kahvi, caffe, otherwise known as the worldwide waker-upper made out of roasted beans. This special drink is a craving in the bright, early morning, or a regular 5 o’clock coffee time. Certain people believe roasting their coffee at home is a delicious morning tradition, and others do not want to deal with the uncertainties of technology, so going to the local coffee shop is perfect. For those coffee enthusiasts, there are two coffee shops that hold the key to Atlanta’s heart; they are Starbucks and Octane. Once digging deeper to the coffee culture, secrets were discovered that were never before explored. When exploring the details to these coffee shops, I discovered how they attract customers, how too much fame can…show more content…
Going to this Starbucks in a hurry to get someplace else is not the best idea, but everyone has their own way of being on time. It is not the best place to concentrate, with the loud voices of people trying to order, and the baristas calling out the names to the orders, I do not see how someone can do homework in that environment. Octane is an uprising coffee shop here in Atlanta, specifically near Georgia Tech, that I discovered through exploring the city before enrolling at Georgia State University. Upon entering the shop on September 27, 2017, I could not help but notice the strong smell of coffee. It was strong enough for anyone nearby to notice, but sweet enough to enjoy the atmosphere. This is the shop you go to feel better about yourself, because while I am enjoying a cup of coffee writing a 3 page essay, there is a computer science major with a 25-page graduate essay next to me that is covered in papers of information that only science geeks know about. Instead of bashing on the college students, the real reason to go in the study environment presented on the inside. It is a fine place to plug in your headphones and ignore the world, because the music is not too loud, and the baristas are not calling out names. There are small windows but towards the ceilings so distractions are diminished greatly, creating a better way to focus on what is in front of you instead of the outside chaos. In addition to, the

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