Descriptive Essay About My Family

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Growing up, I was always been recognized as the shy child. At family events, I would be too afraid to have a conversation with my own uncle, so instead I would hide by my parents and avoid communicating with anyone at all costs. My sister is the loud one, she has always been outgoing and I loved to utilize that as an excuse to not address or express my thoughts and opinions. My dad soon realized that I sincerely hated meeting new people, having conversations, and making friends. He would constantly try his best to force me to obtain more confidence with people by making me order my own food, encouraging me ask other people questions, and continuously try to push me out of my comfort zone. This continued up through middle school, I had only …show more content…

Would I have become better friends with this girl and had an entirely different group of friends? Maybe I would have asked my parents to go to her private school, who knows. I find it to be crazy that two small simple words could have possibly altered my life so drastically. Fast forward to a couple years ago, my sophomore year of high school, it was an extremely challenging time in my life and tested me, but it was one of the most important years. At the end of sophomore year, through that summer, and part of junior year, I struggled with an eating disorder. My parents started to catch on to it when I began losing weight at an extremely fast rate, I have never been extremely close or comfortable with my parents, so struggled to explain to them what was going on with me, I honestly did not even know what my problem was. They tried sending me to a therapist, but I was convinced that I was totally ok and that there was nothing wrong with me at all. Up until now honestly I have never let myself believe that I had a real problem. When I was at my therapist, she tried to figure out why I developed the disorder in the first place by asking me about any problems that I had been having at school or home. I never really knew what to say when she asked what started it, up until right now I have never really admitted to the fact that I had a disorder. I think that I just got too tired of allowing people to walk all over me and holding everything in, I had a major breakdown

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