Descriptive Essay About My School

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As I wakened from a restless night of sleep, I rolled onto my side and watched the sun rise on a beautiful May morning. The sight of the morning dew glistened in the sunlight while the heat grew. I realized that today would be an extraordinary day. I graduate. The emotion had not quite hit, but in less than twelve hours I will no longer be with the class I have been with since kindergarten. The aroma of freshly clean blown dry hair filled up the small room. I started to divide my hair so I would not miss any strands while in the process of curling. Piece by piece, I could feel the warm thick barrel come closer to my head as it wrapped around each piece of hair. Finishing up I glance at the image in the mirror and could see tight spring like curls begin to fill my hair. Once my hair was perfect, it was obvious that applying makeup would come next. I began to grab all my costly makeup products that will be used, and sat them in a dipped sink bowl. A series of cold, exhilarating spritzes of rose water splashed my face. While my face is still damp, I start applying my concealer. Repeatedly, I dabbed my foundation on which lasted until all my blemishes were covered. Gripping a sleek crease eye shadow brush, I began to run it over a beautiful pigmented ember colored shadow. Softy, the brush grazes my brow bone. Quickly, I rooted though my bag to find an eyelash curler. Feeling hairs pinch together to form the perfect curls shape, then I start applying black lengthening mascara

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