Descriptive Essay About Oxygen

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Adopt an Element: Oxygen I look down at my periodic table that my chemistry teacher had just handed out to me. It contained a variety of colors and elements. It’s amazing how so many elements exists, I wonder if I can be someone so amazing to discover a new element. I run my hand over the newly copied, thin paper. I abruptly stop at the right side of the paper, where my pointer finger points at the first element of column 16 and the sixth element of period 2. Its name is oxygen. What’s so special about oxygen? For some odd reason I feel a special pull towards the element, a feeling of nostalgia and feeling of satisfaction and loyalty. Oxygen is a colourless, odourless gas, in which all kinds of animals, plants, and bacteria use to respirate. That’s all I know about it, or what I thought. My eyes skim at the word. I lift my hand off of the table. I shake my head and the let the thought away, I can’t really be connected to this element, can I? I doze off for the rest of class, barely listening to a word my teacher says. That night, I whip up my computer and go to My fingers agiley type in the word, “oxygen”. However, I do not dare click the enter button nor the search button. What if I really am connected to this gas? I gulp and take a deep breath before pressing enter. A range of selections pop up, from a tv show to fitness centers. I skim through the sites, not long before clicking on a site called to read what oxygen really is. The first thing I
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