An Operational Marketing Plan for a New Magazine Entering the Magazine Market

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xsw Estrella | An Operational Marketing Plan for a New Magazine Entering the Magazine Market | | | | | 4/20/2010 | | CONTENTS Brief Page 1 Vision and Mission Page 1 PESTEL Analysis Page 1 SWOT Analysis Page 5 Market Analysis Page Competitor Analysis Page Segmentation…show more content…
The recession with have an influence on magazine publishers, as the credit crunch may shrink the purchasing power of customers, meaning they are less likely to buy magazines. The amount of competition within the market will be a threat to magazine companies. There may become a duopoly within the industry meaning there is likely to be price wares. This means that a certain magazine has to dominate the market, which could put a new magazine firm into liquidation. Social Lifestyle trends may negatively affect whether people buy magazines, as society nowadays is ‘time poor’ which means they don’t have time to go out and buy magazines to read, as they don’t have as much spare time. Consumer attitudes may affect consumer confidence, as if a customer gets a bad impression from a certain magazine they will pass on these attitudes to potential customers and therefore magazine companies are likely to get a detrimental impression. Trendy role models and celebrities have stimulated interest in magazines, and as a result more people are reading them. This is an advantage to magazine publishers as it secures future business meaning they are more likely to survive within the environment. Cultural patterns have an effect on magazine manufacturers. There are increasingly more men’s magazines on the market now, meaning publishers
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