Descriptive Essay About School Day

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The alarm goes off at 5:30 am. I drag myself out of bed towards the shower, purposefully to stir my youngest in the process. After rushing to get dressed and ready, I hurry to the kitchen to make breakfast. My oldest meets me halfway and makes plates for herself and her two younger siblings. The middle one doesn’t finally get up until 10 minutes before he’s scheduled to walk out the door. By the time I manage to get everyone up and where they’re supposed to go (the oldest driving my middle to school, my youngest dropped in daycare) I’m 15 minutes behind schedule. I take the 45 min drive to work and face a room full of chaotic 2nd graders for a hefty 7 hours before staying after for another 2 to help the other faculty and then taking…show more content…
Those that are able to maintain a job make significantly less than the average family. Women, in general, already make less than men, earning 79¢ for every $1 a man makes. It’s even less for women of color, African American women earning 64¢ and Hispanic and Latina women earning 56¢ on the dollar. For a single mother, the total income is less than half of that of a married couple, the average income barely reaching above the poverty line. Not only does being a single mom drastically affect you financially, but also socially. Some mothers find themselves in their position because of divorce, separation, or widowing, (about 51%) while others never marry (the remaining 49%). Single mothers who don’t find themselves marrying are looked down upon in everyday society. Particularly younger mothers are labeled as sluts or knock-ups, despite whatever circumstance landed them in their position, more serious instances being the result of sexual assault and rape. I myself am divorced, my ex-husband still sending me the child support I so desperately need. As mentioned before, my social life is nonexistent. Dating and even socializing in general is nearly impossible. As soon as people find out about my divorce, their faces drop. The mood is now either ruined or the conversation steers only in that direction. (Question 5) It’s all they seem to want to talk about. They ask things like “Where is your husband?”, “What ever happened to
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